4. Boathouse

Stop # 4 Boat House: This structure is known as the Ward Boathouse. Like McIlhenny, Charles Willis Ward ran a nursery business in New York and he was a wildlife conservationist. Around 1910 Ward met McIlhenny, and with his permission, eventually set up a hunting and fishing camp in Jungle Gardens in order to be near to his friend. Together, the two men bought 54,000 acres of coastal marshland to the southwest of Avery Island as a waterfowl refuge. In 1911 Ward and McIlhenny gave 13,000 acres of this land to the state of Louisiana. It is known today as Ward-McIlhenny State Wildlife Refuge. Ward traveled the coastal United States in a 70-foot luxury motorboat, the Ethel M. Ward, and McIlhenny built this boathouse for Ward’s craft.